Hi there,

just wanted to check if any other Virgin Media users here are experiencing this: When I try to go to http://bitfolk.com or when I try to ssh to my VPS it takes forever before timing out. Worked fine yesterday but started seeing the issue this morning.

I've called Virgin Media's support and they say they'll fix it within 24-48h but I'm not confident the person I spoke to has fully understood the issue.


$ tracepath bitfolk.com
 1:  thomas-ThinkPad                                  0.112ms pmtu 1500
 1:  router.asus.com                                       1.118ms
 1:  router.asus.com                                       0.987ms
 2:  no reply
 3:  croy-core-2a-ae6-628.network.virginmedia.net         10.534ms
 4:  brnt-bb-1a-ae9-0.network.virginmedia.net             11.218ms
 5:  popl-bb-1b-et-700-0.network.virginmedia.net          10.940ms
 6:  popl-bb-1c-ae1-0.network.virginmedia.net              9.916ms asymm  4
 7:  tele-ic-5-ae0-0.network.virginmedia.net              13.265ms asymm  5
 8:  no reply
31:  no reply
     Too many hops: pmtu 1500
     Resume: pmtu 1500