I am at the point of just telling people using Hotmail or Yahoo to stop doing so - as well as this sort of thing, they get monthly hacked accounts spam in a way that Gmail doesn't.


On Jun 26, 2013 5:49 PM, "John Winters" <john@sinodun.org.uk> wrote:
On 26/06/13 13:34, Ulf Härnhammar wrote:
Yes, I think so too. All these big mail companies (Hotmail, Gmail,
Yahoo!, AOL) seem to calculate a reputation per IP, and unknown ones
start from a quite low level, so you have to build things up a bit.

I've given up on Yahoo.  Their spam filter seems to be pretty much random, and is forever junking stuff which their users actually want. I've gone through the cycle several times of teaching Yahoo users how to find their spam folder, and they always find not just my e-mails but lots of other wanted e-mails there.

I did try once going through Yahoo's issue reporting mechanism, but it was a joke.  I filled in a very detailed problem report, which produced an automated response asking me to send all the same information again (!) to an e-mail address, and when I did it bounced because the e-mail address didn't exist.

The trouble with these big organisations is they really just don't care.  If their service isn't bad enough to lose them lots of customers then they don't try to improve it.


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