This is possibly a good alternative, but it's just another way to paper over the cracks. 

Wordpress is not safe. It should not be used.

On 26 Nov 2023 at 09:54, Ed Neville via BitFolk Users <> wrote:

On 2023-11-26 09:42+0000, iain via BitFolk Users wrote:
> Perhaps the sensible approachbis to address the problem: wordpress. I
> banned it on my servers many years ago, so I no longer have to update
> addons all the time tor users who can't see why they should bother.
> Less slickly presented, but faster and more secure is Modx. Give it a
> try.

Is there a middle ground? What about WordPress on the home computer with
something like to produce
static files that get copied to the VPS?

Can't beat static generation... but you can go a step further than just
static delivery with something like this that I've been playing around
with, the test results so far look pretty quick:

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