Yes I know of the offer, have used it quite a while back. One of the reasons I wanted to do it by zapping and reinstalling - if  that is still on the cards is to do with all the IPs (IPv6) and similar issues. But also, I am just a hobbyist and enjoy the challenge but at an unrushed pace. But thanks for your reply and information, very useful

On Wed, 8 Aug 2018 at 16:26, John Winters <> wrote:
On 08/08/18 04:54, Keith Williams wrote:
> I plan to rsync all relevant data files (maildirectories, Bind conf
> files, .authorisedkeys, mysql dumps etc.) over to my home machine and
> redirect mail to the backup server then nuke the VPS with a complete new
> install of Debian stable and set up as a 64 bit install.

You are aware of Bitfolk's kind offer to let you have two overlapping
VPSs for a short period in order to do this kind of thing aren't you?

Why not just provision a new one running the latest Debian, copy over
what you need, then nuke the old one?  (There is a problem with the
kernel in the current Debian 64 bit not being Xen compatible, but there
are workarounds.)

> Does the Bitfolk self-service-network-installer coe with a 64 bit
> option, or do I have to install Debian stable then convert to amd64.

I'd forgotten that 32-bit was still an option.  Yes, they do 64 bit.


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