A password is security by obscurity.

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On 2023-11-26 11:49+0000, iain via BitFolk Users wrote:
> Yes, Wordpress has a large following. But it is nothing like as much
> as 45% Maybe 4.5%.
> You imply that Modx is only more secure because it is less common.
> Firstly, there's no basis for this. There would be exploits if there were holes.
> Secondly, security by obscurity IS security. Not ideal, but if it works...

Security through obscurity does not work. Almost all C-style memory
management bugs are obscure, until someone fuzzes it. Race conditions
are obscure too... DJB did a lot to dissuade the idea of the downfalls
of security through obscurity.

> The problem with flat filing Wordpress output is that WP generates
> second-rate html. OK it's not Wix awful, but it's not good.

Poor HTML though, isn't the realm of templating rather than stock WP
itself? My handcrafted HTML is not good by any standard, but the
artists/designers can certainly do a better job than I can.

I wanted to get a template or something from fiver, but by the looks of
it they're all (first few clicks I looked at) setup to make them for WP.

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