No, people pulling a trigger doesn't kill anyone. It's the impact of the bullet. 

Some wordpress addons have security holes. Not all of them. Unfortunately, most users of Wordpress want to use addons, for good reason. 

They don't realise the security implications. It's very hard to know,  even for up-to-date geeks. 

The reality is that Wordpress is promoted to the technically semi-literate and is not safe for those people. 

On 26 Nov 2023 at 11:08, Peter Collins via BitFolk Users <> wrote:

On Sun, 26 Nov 2023 at 10:52, iain <> wrote:
The reality is that users do not update addons. So the admin has to do it, which is a pain and good luck with getting paid!

Again that’s not the fault of Wordpress as a platform.

Yes, the core of wordpress is pretty secure (though way too slow). 

That’s subjective 

But that's like saying that guns don't kill people: the bullets that users put in them are the problem.

Actually what you’re describing is guns don’t kill it’s the person pulling the trigger.

My point remains, whatever your issues with Wordpress are, to say it shouldn’t be as it’s just not safe is wrong.

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