Having already upgraded 2 home boxes to Buster over recent weeks, I will today start to do so with my VPS. However I already have a query that you might be able to help with Andy, and which might be useful to other customers. It concerns interface names. I followed the advice on Debian and Udev sites and the name Udev is suggesting for my eth0 is some preposterous one along the lines of epx followed by the complete MAC address (OK a slight exaggeration). That is the only one returned by  
udevadm test-builtin net_id /sys/class/net/eth0 2>/dev/null
This is of course too unwieldy to actually use so I followed through the instructions for changing it to say eth0 to save editing all the /etc files which explicitly name the interface.
None of the files seem to exist. Is this because it is all under the control of Xen rather than the virtual machine? i.e. can I stop worrying?
Sorry, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately


On Sat, 6 Jul 2019 at 00:20, Andy Smith <andy@bitfolk.com> wrote:
On Fri, Jul 05, 2019 at 11:15:26PM +0000, Andy Smith wrote:
> If you issue the command:
>     xen shell> install debian_testing
> now or at any time after the release of Debian 10 then I believe
> this should result in a working install of Debian 10. I just tested
> it with a minimal install (base system + openssh) and it seems to
> (still) work.

I forgot to add: if you're planning to do a new install and you're
currently on 32-bit, I strongly recommend that you pick 64-bit
unless you have a very good reason for requiring 32-bit. You can
switch between 32- and 64-bit with the "arch" command.

That goes for anyone installing anything new at BitFolk, not just
Debian 10.


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