I would like to set up a VPN, for mostly hobby rather than commercial reasons so being Scottish, I'm trying to find the Low/No cost solution.

For reference, the set up document I have been looking at is  http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=132029 .

Now first question, in  /etc/pptpd.conf we have a line similar to 
If my understanding is correct, this refers to the "external IP's" that my VPS at bitfolk would be assigning to the client devices, so being Scottish, and as I say, being a low budget little project, is there a way of setting up a VPS using just a single IP, or what costs are involved in acquiring a handful of IP's?

Secondly, Ill quickly summarise my objectives here so you can let me know just how wrong a tree I'm barking up by taking the VPN path :) 

Purpose 1 : To allow me to connect safely to insecure networks using android tablets/phones (2.2,2.3,4), and a dual boot laptop (ubuntu/win7) and just for shits and giggles probably my old windows mobile collection (3,5,6).

Purpose 2 : My ISP quite frequently has difficulty with its routing to the North American RIFT Servers... but never to me good old VPS,   so I'm thinking in these occasions it may provide a (possibly somewhat imperfect) bypass to that problem when it happens.

Purpose 3 : Minecraft Pocket Edition.  I introduced my nephew to minecraft on his Archos tablet, unlike the desktop versions, it only supports LAN games...  Im thinking if it was on the same VPN as me, it would probably let us play a LAN game together, even with him being in Aberdeen, and me being on Skye?

All input and suggestions are welcome.