Does anyone else use Docker on their VPS and if so what spec is it running on? I'm migrating to a new one to upgrade to 64bit and decided to try Docker. It has worked pretty well on my local servers, none massively powerful, but in spite of being told the overhead of multiple copies of things isn't much of an impact it seems I have obliterated the capability of my VPS barely half way through the process, with htop registering both swap and physical memory maxed out.

I've migrated 8 WordPress sites and had to disable 3 to regain some level of stability (these using the official WordPress Docker image, which admittedly spins up Apache and MariaDB for each one). I've decommissioned 2 WordPress sites, but have 7 more to move (4 of those being in 2 multisite setups) as well as 3 phpBB, 3 Piwigo and a Roundcube, not to mention email and mailman.

These are low traffic and experimental sites in many cases, but at the moment I'm debating between reverting to the old setup (possibly an issue as my phpBB sites are planned to migrate to Discourse which started the Docker idea), or moving the databases into a single container, and possibly the WordPress sites into a single Apache (which also part defeats the object of Docker I guess).

I was expecting more load, but not this much. Part way through is not an ideal time, particularly when I'm still battling COVID two and a half weeks on from catching it (which isn't helping my thought processes!).

Any thoughts from the collective wisdom here?
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